Clamato, the distinctive tomato and clam juice blend that's taking the beverage and culinary industry by storm.

With its unique taste and versatile application, is an exceptional product that promises to be a customer favourite in any retail space.

What is Clamato?

Clamato blends tomato juice with a hint of clam broth and spices for a savory beverage experience.

Ideal for inventive cocktails and culinary creations, it is the versatile choice that promises to diversify your product offerings and delight consumers seeking new flavours to enrich their cooking and drinking experiences.

Originally from North America, it has gained international acclaim for its ability to transform simple drinks into gourmet experiences.

Why Stock Clamato in Your Business?

Unique Product Appeal:

Clamato’s distinctive blend sets it apart from standard juices and sodas, offering your customers a unique taste that’s both versatile and exotic.

Enhanced Culinary Experience:

This drink isn’t just for beverages; it's a culinary chameleon that adds a savoury twist to soups, sauces, and marinades, appealing to the adventurous home cooks and gastronomes.

Loyal Consumer Following:

Clamato enjoys a dedicated fan base due to its integral role in popular drinks like Bloody Caesars and Micheladas, ensuring repeat purchases and steady demand.

A Multifaceted Ingredient

Invite your customers to delve into the rich flavours of Clamato, an ingredient that offers endless culinary possibilities. By incorporating suggested pairings and recipe ideas into your display, you provide valuable inspiration that encourages shoppers to experiment with new dishes.

Clamato’s versatility makes it a perfect match for European tastes, seamlessly integrating into both traditional and contemporary recipes. Whether used to enhance the taste of seafood soups, as a base for vibrant cocktails, or as a secret ingredient in marinades, this product brings a unique flavour profile that can transform ordinary recipes into extraordinary culinary creations.

Stocking this product in your business not only diversifies your product offerings but also introduces customers to new ways to enrich their cooking and dining experiences.

Transform your beverage and culinary offerings with Clamato.

By partnering with us, you’ll be introducing a product that stands out for its quality and versatility. Is not just a purchase; it’s a statement of innovation on your shelves that caters to the sophisticated palate of the modern European consumer.

Contact us to learn more about bulk purchasing options and bring the taste of Clamato to your customers today!