About Us

Crevel is a global importer and distributor or international products, with a strong focus on Mexican specialities. Through its 3 operational bases in Washington, Prague and Jalisco, Crevel is able to verticalize the whole import and distribution process both in America and Europe, serve more than +250 clients and moves 560 tons of products monthly.

Crevel Europe, based in Germany as a limited company (Gmbh), started in 2018 with a product offering of more than 300 SKUs and known brands such as Valentina, Carey, Tajín, Peñafiel.

Crevel Europe is proudly the official distributor of Grupo Herdez in the DACH region. Currently Crevel Europe serves clients in 18 European countries ranging from eCommerce platforms, local shops, wholesaler distributors, foodservice distributors and retailer.

It is the aim of Crevel to support foodservice and retail businesses to access authentic Mexican product in the best quality and economic condition in the European market, and to become the point of reference for international food in Europe and US east coast.