Chipotle: The iconic Mexican flavour that is trending in Europe.

Chipotle is highly iconic in Mexican cuisine, mainly the reason why a wide variety of Mexican products include them as a special ingredient while at the same time is distributed by itself.

In today’s post, we are amplifying your background information about Chipotle so your team can address your client’s questions about it and clarify the best Chipotle based products to include in your next order.

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What is it and why is a good Mexican product to have in stock

The Chipotle pepper is a red jalapeño that has gone to through the smoking and drying process. This gives the chipotle that oaky, smoked warm heat that mixes perfectly with almost any type of dish.

At the final state it has a brown-reddish aspect with strong spicy aroma and complex taste. Chipotles usually can be purchased canned or in bulk at many stores and markets in Mexico, and soon, yours too.

It is searched over 33,100 times in Germany, so you can be sure that new customers are heading to the stores where they can find Chipotle and Chipotle based products.

Sometimes they can also be found freshly prepared, usually in a marinade seasoned with tomato and piloncillo (raw cane sugar cones) as the case of our CHILE HERDEZ CHIPOTLE ADOBADO.

They are highly juicy in this presentation that mixes perfectly with the red adobo sauce that accompanies it. Adobo sauce is made from tomato puree mixed with spices and seasoning, packed full of flavor. Other times, it comes in grown presentation, whole peppers or just the seeds flakes to use as a regular seasoning.

Best dishes to use Chipotle

Besides of delicious, Chipotle is healthy. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and minerals like potassium and iron. Regular consumption strenghtens the immune system and is low on calories. It has powerful anti-oxidant benefits (thanks to Vitamin C), is anti-septic, regulates cholestherol and due to capiscina, it boosts dygestion almost as much as the income for your store.

Chipotle can be used on:

  • Sausages
  • Mayonaisse 
  • French Fries
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Tortilla Chips (we wrote a previous post about them, click here to read it)
  • Ribs
  • Meatballs
  • Shrimps
  • Tuna dips
  • Chicken soup

Mexican products with Chipotle flavour you should sell in your store

As we told you before, it can be a product by itself, but there are other ways to enjoy it. The following products that includes it as the star ingredient are available in our catalogue:

  • Hot Sauce Tajin
    Tajin, the Mexican seasoning rapidly reaching legendary status amongst condiment enthusiasts. Tajin’s recipe calls for a savory mix of natural spices; primarily chili peppers, lime, and salt. This presentation adds another favorite to the mix for an extra kick of bold flavor, Chipotle chili

  • Hot Sauce Cholula
    Cholula Hot Sauce is one of the most recognizable hot sauces around the world, with its iconic wooden cap and flashing label that evokes an authentic Mexican feel.

    Cholula’s chipotle is a smokier, sharper, and hotter condiment than the original. The hot sauce’s recipe calls for a blend of chipotle, guajillo, arbol and piquin chilies, and even though it contains a high chili content the sauce remains a medium-heat hot sauce.

  • Herdez Creamy Chipotle Sauce
    Herdez, the champion salsa brand in Mexico. Acclaimed for its quality ingredients and production, Herdez represents the heart and soul of Mexico and its cuisine.
    The Herdez creamy chipotle salsa is strong in spice, made with tomato, soybean oil, chipotle, onion, peppers, and salt.

How to start selling Chipotle and other Mexican Products

The first thing is, knowing which products are you going to include in your Mexican Products section. We covered that part last section. Next is to place your order.

Client service and support are the heart of Crevel. We have a complete consultant team to guide you in all the doubts you have about prices, the products, the shipping, the promotion, or any other query.

We are constantly giving our clients special offers. We also give them valuable information about seasonal and trending products. That way, you can prepare ahead to supply your clients for the holidays when they look forward to Mexican products.

If you are ready to include Chipotle or any Mexican product in your grocery store click here to request a query with our team.

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