Cholula Hot Sauce, an immediate success

Cholula sauce is a staple offering on restaurant tables and supermarket shelves all over the United States and other 20 countries. Its unique flavor comes from a family recipe, blending native Arbol and Pequin peppers with an array of regional spices.

Once people try Cholula Sauce, it becomes an immediate favorite, including celebrities: “I use Cholula because I’m from California, and Cholula is a staple! – Cameron Diaz”

Cholula’s factory is near Lake Chapala, the largest freshwater lake in Mexico located in Jalisco in western Mexico, the birthplace of mariachi music and tequila. This region is also famous within Mexico and internationally for the quality and flavor of its chili peppers, mainly the Chile de Arbol. Cholula is not the only prominent Sauce with roots in this region; Valentina and Tapatio also use the Chilis from Jalisco.

The Sauce’s name comes from Cholula, a 2,500 year-old city in Mexico, the oldest inhabited city in North America.

Cholula Sauce’s unique recipe focuses on the flavor instead of raw heat, making it perfect for all kinds of public. Cholula’s ancient recipe comes from a family tradition passed down through generations that combines local Chile de Arbol and Pequin peppers with various local spices.

There are six varieties of Cholula Sauce: Original, Chipotle, Chili Garlic, Chili Lime, Green Pepper, and Sweet Habanero. The product comes in its distinctive glass bottle with a wooden cap.

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This product will be an immediate success and indeed a great addition to your Mexican products portfolio. Contact us to get more information or to place your order.