Marzipan, a Mexican dessert celebrated worldwide

Almonds, sugar, and eggs are the ingredients of this delicious dessert. It’s very traditional in Toledo, Spain, and known worldwide, especially in Mexico. There are many variations and preparations, but we will briefly tell you about them.

How is Marzipan prepared?

The preparations vary according to the country. The most common way to prepare this dessert is to take the equivalent measurement of almonds and sugar, crush them, and have a uniform mixture without lumps. Then the sweets are assembled, and we proceed to take them to the oven for a few minutes at 180 degrees.

Hypothesis about the history of this dessert

Its history is quite complex, as its creation has many theories. It started in 1577 A.C. It’s most likely an Arab food; however, a more reliable thesis says it’s a Persian sweet. IA Muslim invasion brought it in and settled in Toledo, Spain, as one of the main cities in Europe where Marzipan made it.

Although people are interested in it throughout the year, its leading sales are during the Christmas celebrations. The International Day of Marzipan is celebrated on January 12th, as many followers from different countries love its flavor. In the book: One Thousand and One Nights, this dessert appears, thus demonstrating its great popularity at that epoch.

Why is it so relevant in Mexico?

Marzipan came to Mexico through the Spanish conquest. But it was not until the 1950s that today Marzipan became famous in Jalisco. In this country, peanuts replaced almonds, and in the Yucatan peninsula, pumpkin seeds did so too.

-De la Rosa- is a large Mexican company, which specializes in making this dessert. In 1948, through the hard work of a married couple: Jesús Michel González and Elvira Velasco Rolón, this company started. Willing to cover the expenses of their home and provide for their thirteen children, they opened a store of sweets in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

At first, they sold dragées, lollipops, and candies. Then, in 1950, they decided to venture into Marzipan, the Mexican dessert, changing almonds for peanuts; they famed the delicious product we have today.

On January 12th, 2018, it became well-known as World Marzipan Day. To celebrate its 70 years, the company made the largest Marzipan in the world, breaking the Guinness Records, in an event organized by the city council of Guadalajara. This Mexican dessert weighed 8,296 kilograms, 3 meters in diameter, and more than a meter in height.

Marzipan a mexican dessert


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Why should your business have Marzipan?

De la Rosa usually sells these Mexican desserts in stores, markets, and supermarkets nationwide. But now, we can bring it to you through Crevel. They are made of various products from Marzipan, but the most commercialized is: ‘CANDY DE LA ROSA’, 12 and 30 pieces. Both are on our website, where you can learn about their components and presentations.

Your customers will find each Marzipan sweet in an individual plasticized package to preserve its freshness and flavor inside each box.

Keeping in mind that International Marzipan Day is celebrated in January, we will have special discounts for this delicious product throughout the month. We want to pay tribute to it since it is addictively popular worldwide. 

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The Mexican dessert of Marzipan De la Rosa is a good appetizer for all households in Europe, it has more and more followers worldwide, and its flavor is unforgettable. That’s why we invite you to order it and keep your customers happy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, let us know.