Tortilla chips: Why you should sell them and how to arrange them

More than 74,000 people on Germany are looking out for Tortilla Chips, so your store has an enormous potential with them into your stock.

Tortilla Chips are one of the most traditional ingredients in Mexican gastronomy. Tortillas are used for making Tacos and Burritos but can also be eaten by themselves.

They became so popular that Mexican brands started to sell them separately so anyone could to prepare their own dishes.

Your non-Mexican clients will also fall in love with this snack, so in this post we offer you some insights to build up your Mexican Products Section.

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How classic Tortilla Chips are made

As we all know, Tortillas are used to prepare classic Tacos and Burritos. Tortilla Chips are a variation of that corn dough tortilla. Mexicans cut them into triangles shapes and fry them in a bit of oil or bake them, so they turn into crunchy bites of Tortilla.

They are a perfect addition several dishes as a main ingredient with toppings on it, or served with a wide variations of dips. 

Tortilla Chips are one of our best-sellers

This Mexican snack is such a delight that our clients are always asking us for more. That’s why Tortilla Chips are one of our best-selling items. Their beautiful simplicity means German customers add them to their cart when having a party o celebration and want to add a twist to the food table.

Herdez Tortilla Chips are the most iconic brand in Mexico. This company has formed a fundamental part of Mexican life since 1914, being the leading brand in the categories of Homemade Sauces, Mushrooms, Legumes, Canned Meat and 8 Vegetable Juice.

There are more than 74,000 people on Germany on the lookout for these chips, so your store could see a significant boost when you have them in stock. They are so easy to use and combine so well with different flavours and ingredients that your current customers will love them too. 

Tortilla Chips and other Mexican products to pair them with.

Other Mexican products to pair them with on the shelf

Tortilla Chips can go with any kind of dip. But they also make a dish on their own. Here are some of the best Mexican products that can be combined with Tortilla Chips so your employees can organize them side by side on the shelf.

  • Refried Beans
    Beans are a huge part of Mexican gastronomy and one of the most beloved ingredients in Mexican cuisine.
    They are the ideal ingredient to achieve that essential homemade taste and give Tortilla Chips a special boost. The soft texture makes for quite a versatile bean and the ready-to-serve presentation makes this the perfect product for a dish with Tortilla Chips at its core.
  • Valentina Sauces
    Mexico’s leading hot sauce, Valentina, comes from the state that gifted Tequila to the world, Jalisco.
    Valentina is the queen amongst hot sauces because of its low vinegar content, thick-bodied consistency, and incredible flavour that is the perfect accompaniment to basically any dish.
  • Cheddar Cheese
    One of our best-sellers. This creamy canned cheddar cheese sauce is ready to eat. Easily prepared and ideal for nachos and fondue.
  • Chipotle chilli
    The Chipotle pepper is a red jalapeño that has gone through the smoking and drying process. This gives the chipotle that oaky, smoked warm heat that mixes perfectly with the red adobo sauce that accompanies it. Adobo sauce is made from tomato puree mixed with spices and seasoning, packed full of flavour. The chipotle’s full-bodied heat makes it perfect for sauces, stews and especially meats.
  • White Corn
    White Mexican corn is essential for the Mexican kitchen. Perfect to garnish any dish, or add cream, hot sauce, dried chili powder, and lime.

How to start selling Tortilla Chips in your store

When you are new to the world of selling Mexican products, it is normal to have questions. We have a highly dedicated team that is happy to assist you with any query you may have about our Mexican Products Catalogue.

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