Chipotle chili can be your summer best-seller

Chipotle chili can be your summer best-seller and we are going to tell you why. As we addressed in our previous post about this Mexican product (The iconic Mexican flavour trending in Europe), it has been searched over 33,100 times in Germany.

It goes perfectly with typical summer dishes, so you can be sure that customers are heading to the stores where they can find Chipotle and Chipotle based products to enjoy new flavours during the upcoming season.

It can easily be your summer best-seller. This blog entry focuses on essential details about Chipotle chili for your business to maximise its potential.

What is Chipotle chili?

The Chipotle pepper is a red jalapeño that has gone through the smoking and drying process. This gives chipotle an oaky smoked warm heat that mixes perfectly with almost any type of dish.

It has a brown-reddish aspect with a spicy solid aroma and complex taste. It usually can be purchased canned or in bulk at many stores and markets in Mexico, and soon, yours too.

Types of Chipotle chili products in our catalogue

Classic Chipotle in Adobo

This delicious chipotle sauce is strong in spice, and made of tomato, chipotle, onion, peppers, and salt. This delicious mix of quality ingredients makes it great for your customer to eat on its own, as a dip or poured over their favourite dish for that smoky and tangy flavour.

Traditional Hot Sauce

Cholula Hot Sauce is one of the most recognizable hot sauces around the world, with its iconic wooden cap and flashing label that evokes an authentic Mexican feel. Surely its a must-have for your customers. This Cholula’s version is a smokier, sharper, and hotter condiment than the original. The sauce is gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Creamy Sauce

Herdez is the champion sauce brand in Mexico and a must-have for your customers. Acclaimed for its quality ingredients and production, Herdez represents the heart and soul of Mexico and its cuisine.

Grounded Chipotle chili

This chili is one of the most beloved peppers amongst chili fans. Its sweet and smoky flavor makes it a very applicable ingredient that can be used in all sorts of recipes, such as soups, sauces, and meat marinades.

Seed Flakes

These chili flakes are an excellent way for your customers to add a kick of flavor to any dish and personalize it accordingly to individual taste.

Dried Chipotle chili

This chili is one of the most beloved peppers amongst chili fans. Its sweet and smoky flavor makes it a very applicable ingredient that can be used in all sorts of recipes, such as soups, sauces, and meat marinades. This chili’s versatility and unique taste have propelled it to prominent status in the USA and all across the Americas.

Summer dishes with Chipotle chili

Our clients call Summer the Grill season. The income on products like this increases flagrantly during these months because it matches perfectly on grilled beef, spicy bbq wings and any seafood.

Herdez Chipotle Creamy Sauce is perfect for marinating the beef the night before a barbecue. The smokey taste from this presentation deeply impregnates the meat, making it ready for the cooking process, sealing up all the juices and intensifying the natural flavour.

Another way to use these products is by adding them to German traditional summer dishes. Your clients can sprinkle some grounded Chipotle on potatoes, boiled eggs, fried herring, cabbage salad, white asparagus and even on some pasta.

It also mixes perfectly with seafood. Shrimp cocktails taste even more delicious with a Chipotle based sauce to dip them into it.

How to arrange Chipotle chili products in a grocery store

For us is essential that your store benefits from including Mexican products in stock. That’s why we recommend some arrangements to boost sales and naturally guide your clients on how to mix Mexican products with their usually-consumed groceries.

For this case, as is a product perfect for summer, it should be in front of the section with meat, seafood and poultry. It can also go beside pesto, bechamel sauce and other creams. For the grounded, dried Chipotle or Chipotle flakes, you can place them in the condiments section of your store, among other spices.

Is tempting to place all Mexican products in a dedicated section for imported products. But when you arrange them next to the products customers commonly buy, is easy for them to know you have those products available and to understand how to use them.

Mexican products are not exclusively for Mexican dishes. They can be used in European preparations as well.

Oder Chipotle and get ready for summer.

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