Give your customers refreshing summer beverages to beat the heat.

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Summer is a time of year that we are all waiting for, the perfect time to go out and do outdoor activities, have a break from routine, meet with friends and have fun. The hugging heat and social life make summer a perfect time to start offering various refreshing drinks in your business, helping your customers fight the high temperatures, have a good time and try new summer beverages.

That is why we will mention what types of drinks are ideal for including in your next order and attract the attention of all your customers for the summer.

Clamato Pet

Clamato is a Mexican drink created from a combination of tomato juice, spices and other ingredients that makes possible the elaboration of various drinks and cocktails, being the ideal ingredient to generate new flavours in your traditional cocktails, make michelada beer and even take it alone and discover all the freshness it brings.

We assure you that Clamato is one of the best drinks to quench your thirst anytime, anywhere. Its ingredients and diversity of flavours will make the heat bearable.

Squirt can

Squirt is a refreshing soda perfect for any time, especially on a hot day. With its natural citrus flavours and no caffeine, Squirt is a thirst quencher and the ideal drink for your favourite cocktail. Its versatility makes it a drink for anyone, children, youth and adults, and everyone can taste and enjoy it anytime.

Being a high-quality product with years of experience, Squirt is an easy-to-carry canned, refreshing drink, so it can satisfy your customers’ thirst and offer a practical and delicious option for their friends’ evenings. With Squirt, the possibilities are limitless for your summer beverages.

Jose Cuervo margarita Mix Limon

Suppose you are looking to offer your customers summer beverages that are practical to implement their drinks without complications and that are also delicious. In that case, the Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix is the best option. This product is an ideal prepared drink to make any type of margarita. Your customer just needs to add it to their favourite tequila with some ice, and it will be ready to be tasted and enjoyed.

This mixture is a summer beverage that will boost your business because it will make the difference when choosing refreshing, different and unique alcoholic beverages during the summer.

Arizona Marvel Super LXR Peach Mango

During summer, one of the biggest problems is how the heat takes away our energy and invites us to relax completely. Suppose we want to offer diversity to customers. In that case, we must provide them with drinks that allow them not only to hydrate and refresh but also to have different flavours that are delicious and that fill them with energy. 

Flavoured with real peach and mango juice and blended with a low-calorie formula, this Super LXR Hero Hydration flavour will energize and boost the motivation of anyone, being the perfect drink to satisfy the tastes and needs of all and becoming one of the most chosen summer beverages by the public. 

Prime Tropical Punch

Last but not least, the Prime Tropical Punch is a drink that, in hot times, we can take to cool off. Drink a summer beverage low in sugar, low in calories and with many electrolytes to hydrate us. Being a drink that everyone can taste, it can be taken at any time and make every situation something festive, cheerful and summery to share. Its variety of flavours allows everyone’s tastes to be satisfied.

By adding it to your shelves, you will attract the attention of more customers, and they will be interested in trying new Summer Beverages.

The best thing about summer is enjoying extraordinary experiences that give us joy and allow us to know and discover new things. Through the summer beverages, we offer customers opportunities to enjoy the summer through new drinks to experience with their families, friends or even alone, as a cold drink causes a better thermal sensation. It is more appetizing when it is hot because it transmits, through the mouth, a refreshing sensation.

By including these drinks in your business, you will be taking into account the needs of your target audience. We know that the variety is wide and there is still much to explore regarding summer beverages. But at Crevel Europe, we have a knowledgeable team to guide you in selecting the variety of products mentioned and adding them to your summer offer.

Contact us, and we will help you place your order. Here we mention some of our products, but of course, there are many more you can select from our American catalogue, where you will always find the best products for your business and for your customers.

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