Jalapeños: next summer revelation

Jalapeno Chili, (Jalapeños in Spanish) is one of the many chilli peppers there are. We have already gone through Chipotle, which is used in several Mexican products and traditional dishes. Today, we want to introduce you to Jalapeños.

These green chillies go amazingly well with summer dishes. They are perfect for any grocery store in European countries since they can slightly spice up any dish, even non-Mexican dishes.

What is Jalapeno Chilli?

Probably the most popular and characteristically Mexican ingredient originally from Veracruz, Mexico. Jalapeño is recognized among all different types of chilies, being the king, not only in Mexico, but all around the world. This chilli has proven to be the ideal topping for nachos (read our article about Tortilla Chips) and the perfect addition to any dish in need of a bit of a “spicy kick” without distracting from the food’s flavour.

Jalapeno is also used as the main ingredient in many Mexican Products. In this case, we are recommending the Jalapeño itself. In our catalogue, there are multiple presentations for you to include in your stock for summer.

We highly recommend:

Jalapeños can be used by Europeans natives

How do Europeans use Jalapeños?

As mentioned before, Jalapeño can be used in several dishes.

In a whole presentation, Jalapeno can be served as an appetizer. For instance, in a dish with Jalapeno peppers stuffed with Ferman flavours of Bavarian sauerkraut, Pilsner beer, and cheese, served with sour cream and Bavarian mustard sauce.

Sliced Jalapeños give a fantastic twist to an Asparagus Tart with Spinach and go perfectly with any kind of pizza. What is most amazing about Jalapeños is that they also mix well with some cocktails.

Have you ever heard about Jalapeño Margaritas? This beverage is delicious and your customers will take their happy hour and summer pool parties to another level.

Jalapeños arrangement inside a grocery store

Arranging Jalapeños in a grocery store

Many medium and large grocery stores organize the imported products in a single separate section. We recommend you to arrange Mexican products in the shelves your customers find their groceries.

This way you increase your client’s chances to find these products and understand how to use them. Even if they don’t grab them at first sight, once they get used to seeing Mexican products on a regular basis, the subconscious brain becomes familiar with the brands you included and is easier to buy them in next occasions.

Jalapeños can be located next to pasta, besides vegetables, or even near the meats section. Make sure to give them a broad presence in the racks so they are visible enough and caught up the customer’s eye.

When first launching Jalapeños, remember to place them in a unique location. It can be on a lateral shelf of a hallway or a centerpiece right in front of the entrance.

Jalapeños flavours to boost your income.

Boost your income selling Jalapeños and other Mexican products

Mexican flavour demand is increasing consistently around European countries. In Berlin alone, there are more than 20 groceries business selling Mexican products. That number triples when looking at all the stores in Germany.

We know that selling products from another culture for the first time brings forward uncertainty. Our sales team will be happy to meet with you and solve the questions you might have about Jalapeños, Mexican products, or how to partner with Crevel.

How to start selling Mexican products in your business?

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