Mexican condiments: What are they, and Why Are They Popular in Europe?

Mexican condiments can enhance your store offerings. Learn about their benefits and explore our range in this post.

We all know that Mexican condiments are among the most recognized when preparing unique dishes with incredible flavour, variety and exotics. Throughout history, cinema and art have transmitted their gastronomic culture to us, and now we all want to implement it in our homes.

Initially, it is imperative to identify the difference between spices and condiments. The mission of spices and condiments is to provide our dishes with colours, textures and flavour, in addition to allowing us to preserve food and give them a better nutritional quality. They can be classified as various herbs, mainly of vegetable origins, such as leaves, flowers, bark, seeds, and roots. They can be fresh or dried and come in presentations such as grain or powder.

Suppose you have wanted to learn about this vast world of cooking and how to add them to your business. This blog post will teach you about these condiments and the magic that a few touches do in any meal.

Why are condiments so appealing around Europe?

Why are Mexican condiments so appealing around Europe?

It is no secret to anyone that Mexican cuisine integrates various spices and condiments that give life to each dish, often with indescribable and diverse results, making this cuisine an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Each element of Mexican gastronomy is part of the national identity. In this, spices and condiments play an essential role since they achieve that even the most demanding palates can experience an explosion of flavours by discovering relevant aspects of this beautiful country.

With this in mind, this minor ingredient has excellent value for the European population, not only because they can change their recipes and adapt them to their tastes but also because it allows them to experiment, taste and create new delicacies, giving a unique touch to their food that they had never been able to experience before.

Types of condiments you can order from our catalogue.

Types of Mexican condiments you can order from:

Condiments being such an essential ingredient, new varieties, types, presentations, flavours and even with different levels of itch have been discovered throughout history. This is why the creativity when implementing them is endless since every little change will make a difference when cooking.

Some condiments that characterize Mexican cuisine are Achiote which provides a good source of Vitamin A, and adding cinnamon in various drinks and even in home remedies. Clove to marinate meats, Epazote for stews, Oregano as an ingredient of traditional dishes, and pepper and avocado leaf to add flavour.

Of course, one of the emblematic condiments of Mexican cuisine is the Chilies, the base flavour of many of its most recognized dishes worldwide, and the Mole is one of its best examples.

Another dish that is well known in Mexico is the Taco de Carne al Pastor since it has a wide variety of spices and condiments such as Achiote, chilli and cumin that derive in many flavours, the most characteristic being salty and acidic, which mix perfectly and derive in this gastronomic wonder.

Famous brands of condiments in our catalogue.

Famous brands of condiments in our catalogue:

When seeking to expand Mexican cuisine, new brands allow people to approach this gastronomy without the need to travel. That is why Crevel has the best brands for everyone to taste authentic Mexican flavours.

Some of the brands and products in our catalogue are the Yucatecan Achiote, the Natural Sazon marinades with different flavours such as chipotle, guacamole, lemon pepper and jalapeño, the oregano Xatzé, all our sauces and types of chillies.

How to add condiments from Mexico to your business?

How to add Mexican condiments to your business?

Bringing new products to your business takes work. You have to think about what will be ideal to satisfy the tastes and needs of your customers. That is why when choosing the products for your store, the best option is to start with the most reliable, those friends that everyone wants to try and have different levels of itching adapting to a varied public.

When positioning your Mexican products, placing them near the meat and beverage section is best. These condiments are perfect for marinating and preparing any protein or drink, making it easier for your customers to design or implement Mexican dishes in their meals.

In Crevel, we have an experienced team entirely willing to assist, inform, and support you when innovating in your business with our products. Contact us and let yourself and your clients be fascinated by our Mexican condiments.

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