Mexican grocery store: Mexican products you need in stock.

Mexican grocery stores serve Mexicans in Germany who are looking to buy authentic Mexican products from trustworthy local businesses in order to feel closer to home. Even some Latin immigrants living in Germany are Mexican food lovers and would look for them to try and spice up their daily cooking.

If you have already identified the significant opportunity that means opening a Mexican grocery store, you might have many questions. We address the most popular in this post, so keep reading until the end.

Mexican grocery store: Types of Mexican grocery stores in Germany. Crevel Europe.

Types of Mexican grocery stores in Germany

There are two types of Mexican grocery stores:

  1. The Mexican grocery store that only sales Mexican products
  2. The store that added an especial section to sell Mexican products

Mexican grocery stores that sell only Mexican products tend to be owned by Mexicans living in Germany wanting to provide those traditional brands to their homesick peers. But many other types of markets have included a shelf for Mexican products, and there is vast potential for your business.

Are Mexican grocery stores profitable?

For the past 20 years, Mexicans migrating to Germany have increased consistently. By 2021, 44,000 Mexicans were living in Germany.

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, the Mexican population is concentrated primarily in the federal states of Bavaria Baden-Württemberg, both in southern Germany and Berlin.

That means at least 44,000 Mexicans are yarning to find a store where they can purchase the candy, snacks, and main ingredients to prepare their traditional dishes.

They need to find a store to buy authentic Mexican brands they are used to purchase in. That is where your business comes in and solves it in the most convenient and closest way.

Mexican grocery store: What to sell at a Mexican grocery store in Germany. Crevel Europe.

What to sell at a Mexican grocery store in Germany

Mexican food has oodles of variations. It might be overwhelming to choose if you are unfamiliar with the culture. We know everything you need to know, do not worry. Our portfolio includes more than 12 categories of Mexican products for any Mexican grocery store.

This post gives you insights into the must-have products you should include in your Mexican grocery store since that is what Mexicans in Germany are mainly needing.


Tajin is a simple seasoning mix of dried and ground red chillies with no artificial flavours, colourants, sugar, or calories.

They used chiles such as chiles de árbol, guajillo and pasilla, sea salt, and dehydrated lime juice, which gives a spicy and tangy signature flavour.

Despite being one of the signature products in Mexico, Tajin is not spicy. In Mexico, the locals love sprinkling it on fresh fruits and vegetables.


Clamato is a refreshing beverage made from a concentrated tomato juice base that Mexicans prefer to join meals.

Mexicans use this to make Clamato Michelada, an easy-to-prepare beer cocktail. Well-known as the tastier way to cure a hangover. Great for the weekend BBQ, brunch with friends, or as a drink to spark a moment.

Clamato goes perfectly within recipes for ceviche, tuna, bean salad, tostadas or stuffed peppers, fish, grilled chicken and wings, tacos, and even gazpacho.


Valentina is the most famous and wanted Mexican hot sauce. Although Mexican food is not all spicy, as one might think, they have some spicy ingredients. Valentina hot sauce is an iconic one.

Valentina is good at pizza and chips. Mexicans even add it to popcorn, so those living in Germany will return to the store they know sells this product.

Salsa Herdez

Herdez is one of the most traditional brands from Mexico. Mexicans have grown with Herdez products inside their homes and will be thrilled to find them available in your store.

Herdez Sauces are convenient starting products:

  • They are effortless to use
  • Go perfect with every ingredient
  • You do not have to be Mexican to cook with them and love them


Once people try Cholula Sauce, it becomes an immediate favourite. Cholula Sauce’s unique recipe focuses on flavour instead of raw heat, making it perfect for all kinds of public.

There are six varieties of Cholula Sauce:

  • Original,
  • Chipotle,
  • Chili Garlic,
  • Chili Lime,
  • Green Pepper,
  • and Sweet Habanero.

The product comes in its distinctive glass bottle with a wooden cap.

What is most important: we are one of the official distributors of Cholula in Europe.


Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made with a corn-based dough mixture filled with diverse meats or beans and cheese. It requires some time and preparation to make Tamales, but we like to make your clients’ life more manageable.

These ready-to-serve Tamales are the best option for your Mexican product aisle for both Mexican and German customers.

Mexicans know how to make them, but ingredients on preferred brands are a little hard to find. We can solve that with you. In the meantime, this is an excellent solution for when they have an “antojito” for Tamales.

German customers will have the opportunity to try this dish for breakfast or brunch, and even dinner with friends without concerning about experimenting in the kitchen.

Dried Chiles

Chiles are another ingredient especially made for heat lovers. They come in some sauces we mentioned before or as a compound on ground cooking mixes.

But dried chiles are another convenient way to use them. They provide a whole new recipe level; there are many breakfasts, dishes, and even desserts that include them.

You can start your Mexican grocery store inside your business with these products. Now that this is clear, let’s answer the question: how to start?

Mexican grocery store: How to open a Mexican grocery store in Germany. Crevel Europe.

How to open a Mexican grocery store

The first thing is, knowing which products are you going to include in your Mexican grocery store. We covered that part last section. Next is to place your order. Client service and support are the heart of Crevel.

We have a complete consultant team to guide you in all the doubts you have about prices, the products, the shipping, the promotion, or any other query.

Once we submit your order and deliver the products, you can dispose of them in your Mexican products section. Organize them by category or mix them with the regular products you already sell.

We are constantly giving our clients special offers. We also give them valuable information about seasonal and trending products. That way, you can prepare ahead to supply your clients for the holidays when they look forward to Mexican products.

If you are ready to start a Mexican grocery store click here to request a query with our team.

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