Mexican Mole: The new gold mine in food

Mexican Mole is the name given to highly seasoned sauces, based on chilli (Ají) and spices, usually thickened with bread or corn dough. Stews made with shredded meat and sautéed vegetables are also called Mole. These stews are also very thick.

What are the origins of the Mexican Mole?

There are two versions of the origin of the Mole. The first version says that Fray Bernardino de Sagagún, a Spanish missionary who describes how the indigenous people offered a thick chilli sauce to King Moctezuma, who reigned in Mexico in 1398. This sauce was of pre-Hispanic origin, and they used to call it mulli. Also, it was used to offer the gods a token of gratitude after long journeys.

Another version says that the Mole was born in Puebla in the 17th century when Fray Pascual accidentally mixed turkeys, chillies, pieces of chocolate and spices. As he had spoiled the banquet, organised for Juan de Palafox, viceroy of New Spain, he began to pray with all fervour and, in the end, the dish delighted all the guests.

What are the types of Mexican Moles?

There are different varieties of moles, here you get a brief description of the most famous moles in Mexico and worldwide.

Mole Poblano: its name bears it because it comes from the city of Puebla. It is the most famous mole in Mexico. It has ingredients such as chocolates, gum, nuts and spices.

Green mole: it’s the easiest to prepare; that is why it is one of the most desired worldwide. It has ingredients like holy leaf, pumpkin seeds and green chilli.

Black mole: Oaxaca has seven types of moles, and one of the most delicious is black. It gets its name because the combination of pepper, dried chillies, and chocolate, which makes its black colour.

Yellow mole: it receives its name due to its colour. It is also an Oaxacan mole, and its ingredients are ancho chilli, guajillo and yellow costeño.

Mole Prieto: It is originally from the state of Tlaxcala and is one of the most difficult to make. Its ingredients are roasted and then ground in a metate, then holes are made in the ground to heat the vessels, in addition to this a bottle of liquor is buried next to it, to prevent the mole from deteriorating.

What are the typical ingredients of a Mexican mole?

Chiles: they are the base of all the preparation. Wide chillies, mulattos, pasillas, chipotle, among others, are usually used.

Bitter chocolate: this element gives strength to the stew; it gives it a sweet and representative flavour.

Banana: this ingredient is peeled, cut into slices, and then fried to mix with the rest of the ingredients.

Nuts: almonds, raisins and walnuts are used, which are roasted on a grill to give the stew its unique flavour.

Spices: these give it a unique flavour. Pepper, cumin, cloves and cinnamon are used.

Tortillas: this ingredient is only for some kinds of moles. It consists of burning them a little and then mixing them with the rest of the ingredients.

Tomato, garlic, and onion: unlike tortillas, these ingredients cannot be missing in the mole. They are minced and fried, and then combined with the rest of the ingredients.

Sesame: It is a decoration ingredient for the mole; its delicate shape and figure make the dish look appetizing.

What dishes is the Mole accompanied with?

The Mole is usually accompanied especially with the “turkey”. Still, nowadays it can be accompanied with white or red rice and with meats such as pork, chicken and even salads.

Why should you sell Mexican Mole in 2022?

It is an Era when Mexican dishes are consumed globally. Mole is one of the most exquisite dishes. It has thousands of presentations and flavours so, your guests can choose the one they like the most.

As it was explained before, it can be accompanied by different dishes consumed daily, which can increase your sales in the business since they will buy not only the Mole but also the other ingredients to accompany it. If you have Mole in your business, you will increase the probability of sales since you will have more variety to offer your customers.

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The Mole is a meal that will undoubtedly fall in love with hearts worldwide!