Salsa Macha

The current global situation has rendered most of us unable to go out to restaurants for meals, which means having to either order in or cook at home have become the new normal. The trip to the pantry in search of the idyllic condiments can be a tedious journey, especially if you know you’re not going to stray far from the same old condiments you keep on a heavy rotation.

Thankfully, Mexico has yet again come to the rescue and has introduced the world to a whole new way to enjoy salsas and by doing so has saved our boring monotonous meals. Our kitchens will gladly welcome the addition of the Salsa Macha, a salsa with southern Mexican origins that has taken over with its explosive flavors. Although not exclusively restricted, salsa macha usually contains a mixture of dried chilies and garlic, sliced and fried and kept in an infusion of oil. Some variants contain vinegar, different types of nuts and seeds. This exquisite combination of quality ingredients will transform the way you eat!

Here at Crevel Europe, we carry the exclusive Xatzé range of Salsas Machas. An array made in the heart of Michoacán, Mexico, by a family-owned business that puts quality and the distinct “homemade” taste above all else. The chilies are locally sourced from farmers in the local vicinity and are carefully treated to enhance their natural flavor.

The Xatzé artisanal macha salsa range was born from the evolution of a woman’s role in the household. The creator sought out to generate something that would elevate the homemade meals she would elaborate daily for her family, something that would uplift her dishes from repetitious to gourmet status. Transgenerational culinary teachings are to thank for the elaboration of these salsas. Mothers would teach their daughters all of their kitchen secrets, and those daughters would, later on, become mothers themselves. Bringing us to the present day, where the creator decided to expand from family dinners into a full-fledged business.

Our delicious range of flavors include:

Sesame seed, where the seeds are treated and toasted to perfection. Later salt is added to enhance the essences, oil for texture, garlic for an extra kick of flavor, and chili to round it all up.

Peanut, deliciously toasted peanuts are mixed with chili, garlic salt, and oil to boost any dish.

Chili, a stripped to basics salsa with delicious locally sourced chilis, garlic, salt, and oil. Nothing like the classics to get someone started in the world of Macha Salsa.

Extra Hot, the salsa made with equal parts love and fire, for those with an adventurous palate who aren’t afraid of what a homemade extra kick has to offer. Extra hot also means extra tasty!

Living in a world where hardly anything seems surprising, it’s difficult to find new flavors that stop us in our tracks — to shake up our taste buds and stimulate new and reinvigorated interest in food. Salsa macha, the thick, spicy, nutty salsa will do that for you. A delicious salsa that will change the way you see food and condiments, with a full-bodied traditional and contemporary flavor.