Trendy American Products in Europe

Nowadays, there is a new trend of American products in Europe; it is important to highlight what it is and how you can acquire these items for your business.

Expansion and cost of global imports

Global expansion has allowed us to open doors to different markets internationally. It is great that we can have products from all over the planet, without very high tariffs.

The United States has been proposing the free trade agreement for them and the European Union for a long time, but they have had some setbacks that have not allowed its rapid approval. However, merchandise exports to the old continent continue to arrive at slightly higher prices every day.

New Trendy American products in Europe

Stores and supermarkets are teaming up with sizeable wholesale distribution chains of foreign products to supply their businesses. This allows them to expand their business to new and returning customers as they are drawn to the latest products and bold flavours.

They do this with reasonable costs since the chain supplies several businesses simultaneously. This makes the products more accessible and allowing the entrepreneur to sell more in each season of the year.

Why should you sell these American products in your business?

Due to the economic opening after the tremendous global pandemic by covid-19, airports and travel agencies have been able to sell their tickets. Once again, activating the tourism market allows more foreigners to reach local European supermarkets and stores. There is nothing more comforting than arriving in a new country and finding your favorite products in it. This makes foreigners feel at home.

In addition, regular customers will have the opportunity to buy and learn about the new brands that arrive from America. This expands the market and allowing business owners to increase their sales.

Crevel allows you to bring the products you need to the door of your business. Let’s get to know the categories of products that you will find in our online catalogue of American products:

  1. Snacks

They are delicious and help us calm hunger or as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. They are ideal for sharing with your friends, family and co-workers. You can find cookies, chips and nuts such as sunflower seeds from the best brands on the market.

  1. Cereals

American cereals are the best known worldwide. For years we have seen their commercials and dreamed of opening one of those boxes. They are used for breakfast, for a light dinner or as a snack in some homes too. They are ideal for eating with the whole family since children love them.

You can find brands such as Kellogg’s, Quaker, Oreo, and Fruity Pebbles. Surely your customers will undoubtedly want to try them.

  1. Drinks

A refreshing drink is excellent at any time of the day. American drinks stand out for their diverse flavours, which in many countries cannot be experienced since certain fruits do not occur in all areas of the world. Sodas and energy drinks are some of the drinks that Crevel has for you.

The assortment of flavours is incredible: passion fruit, guava, apricot, berry, tangerine, coconut, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, and many others in our catalogue.

  1. Candies

American sweets are the most exquisite and desired of this trend. There is a wide variety of sweets that will make your customers fall in love at first taste. We can find hard candies, chewy candies, cookies and cream, brownies, cupcakes, cotton candy, and gummies. Your clients and their children will want to savor them all!


To make your new American products more attractive, place them in a shelf at the entrance of your business. You can decorate it with the country’s flag and add a sign that says “New section of Trendy American products”. Leave the sweets at the bottom so that the little ones can see and buy them.

There are endless products that you can choose from our extensive online catalogue to supply your business. Allow yourself to be up to date with all the seasons and have world-renowned products to boost your company sales.

But how can I order them?

Get to know our complete catalogue of American products and to place your order. Please fill out this form on our website to obtain your information and contact you. If you wish to have more personalized attention, you can send us your name, email, telephone and order to We will gladly contact you in the shortest time possible, and we will send all the trendy American products to the door of your business.

Trendy American products in Europe