Cholula and summer dishes: the perfect combination!

Cholula is a perfect match for summer dishes. Meet Cholula's flavours in this post and boost your sales with authentic Mexican food products.

Cholula is a perfect match for summer preparations, and we dedicate this blog to revealing why. This iconic hot sauce brand is essential to Mexican culture. It has been trending in European countries for the last couple of years.

These Cholula flavours are the favourites of our clients and their customers. From their experience, we know Cholula is an incredible Mexican grocery product to have in stock for the upcoming months.

What is Cholula hot sauce?

Cholula is a premium hot sauce made from a blend of arbol & piquin peppers and an array of regional spices. The simple yet complex flavour of Cholula elevates almost every dish. It goes amazingly well with clean, natural, and fresh foods.

Cholula is made from a 100-year-old family recipe passed down through generations. Crafted in Mexico, Cholula’s balanced and approachable flavour and signature wooden cap have made it a beloved staple worldwide. Read our previous post about Cholula’s history of immediate success.

Cholula flavours available in our Mexican catalogue

We are a trusted guide to high-quality food with a speciality in Mexican cuisine. Every drop of Cholula delivers balanced heat and layers of flavour.

We celebrate new and old recipes and can not contain our excitement for your new customers’ first bite. Whether shaking Cholula on some classic Mexican tacos or adding a few drops to a traditional breakfast, we are sure you are coming back saying, “some more, please”.

The signature wooden cap is a distinctive seal of quality and authenticity. It symbolizes the care and craftsmanship that go into every bottle of Cholula.

The main component of these caps is sustainably beechwood. They celebrate the tradition of Mexican artisanship.

The colour of the wooden cap matches each flavour, making it a memory long after the sauce is gone.

How can your customers use Cholula in their summer preparations?

Cholula can be a fantastic ingredient for breakfast and brunch preparations, entrees, dips and appetizers, salads and sides, and some tacos. In fact, although it is a hot sauce, Cholula matches with beverages, cocktails, and desserts.

The best way to add Cholula to summer food is to use it on dips and appetizers. Dips and sauces are simple to include in preparations for parties. Besides, it is easy to make both a spicy one and a non-hot version so everyone can enjoy their favourite.

We share simple recipes for these hot sauces directly from Cholula’s website, so you and your team have a broader conception to orient your customers about this Mexican product.

    This Spicy Sesame Aioli made with Cholula Original rises to the top. Best of all, it’s ready in minutes for drizzling over fries or pizza or slathering onto your favourite sandwiches.
    Same old ketchup with a spicy twist to boost flavour. Most effortless hot dressing to make using Chipotle Cholula and your customer’s preferred ketchup.
    Before a barbecue, this creamy sauce is perfect for marinating beef, wings, and pork. Your customers can also use it to accompany potatoes, salads or any appetizer that deserves a dip.

Cholula arrangement in a supermarket

Cholula can be in the imported products section of your business. However, it can also appear next to the regular cooking sauces.

Adiditionally, It can be arranged between the vegetables, next to the chillies. That will help your customers to know that it is just another presentation of these peppers. Or you can place it in front of the poultry and meat section.

If you want to boost your sales during Summer, place all the trending products in a special section in the centre of your store. That way, customers are forced to pass them by every time they go in and leave. They will surely remember them easily.

Increase your revenue in the upcoming summer with Cholula and Mexican products

Mexican flavours spice up all the dishes and drinks Europeans enjoy during summer. The authentic brands in our portfolio will win over your customers’ hearts and make their summer gatherings a hit among friends.

Once they see you as a reference for Mexican products, they will come back every time they look for their favourite Mexican brands. We can be your wholesaler partner for that.

Interested in starting offering Mexican products, or want to expand your stock on the Mexican grocery products you already have available for your customers? Review our Mexican catalogue and click here to place your order.

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