Clamato: The cocktail Mixer your clients will love

Clamato is one of the most iconic Mexican Products demanded during summer, and this new season is around the corner. Prepare on time!

Clamato is one of the most iconic Mexican Products demanded during summer. And this season is just around the corner.

On this post we address all the details you need to know about Clamato, so you can understand what it is, how your clients can use it, how to arrange it in your shelves and how to contact our sales team to solve any of your further quesitons about this amazing product.

Clamato has over 850 people looking for it monthly, but during summer that number is expected to rise since it is such an amazing cocktail mixer. Perfect for your clients to add into their pool parties or their summer celebrations.

Clamato: The cocktail Mixer your clients will love - What is Clamato?

What is Clamato?

This Mexican products is a beverage made from concentrated tomato juice and is an iconic aspect of Mexican culture. It is part of many cocktail recipes and goes amazingly well with beer.

They began refreshing the world in California in the year 1969. Farmers chose this juice as the drink that made their long workdays under the sun more tolerable. Soon, its popularity spread all over the United States and Mexico.

Today, they are the brand Latinos everywhere prefer when preparing beverages and meals, and they continue ro conquer palates throughout the country.

Best of all, making something with Clamato is not just delicious. It’s a personal experience with your own style. Your clients will surely love it.

Clamato: The cocktail Mixer your clients will love - 3 Drinks to mix with Clamato.

3 ways to use Clamato

This product is so versatile, it can be a perfect combination for drinks and dishes. Here are 3 simple recipes your clients can use Clamato with.

  1. Micheladas
    Micheladas is the signature recipe from Clamato. Mexican Micheladas are legendary. It is an easy-to-prepare beer cocktail. Micheladas with Clamato are great for your clients to enjoy during a weekend BBQ, brunch with their friends, or as the drink to spark any moment.
  2. Bloody María (a Mexican version of the classic Bloody Mary)
    Discover a new twist to this classic brunch drink with Clamato. Bloody María keeps the vodka and adds tequila and, of course, Clamato. (In a shaker your clients combine Clamato, vodka, tequila, and lime juice). No matter what, this recipe was made to delight your clients.
  3. Gazpacho
    This is a beverage that is best served cold, so is ideal for sunny days. It is a mix of diced of bread previously soaked with Clamato, tomatoes, green bell pepper, cucumber, green onions, garlic, sherry cooking wine, lemon juice, olive oil, cumin, and paprika blended together over a food processor. The idea is to serve it in a chilled bowl topped with chopped cilantro.
Clamato: The cocktail Mixer your clients will love - How to arrange Clamato on your store?

How to arrange Clamato on your store?

Clamato also goes perfectly as an ingredient of different dishes, such as Tostadas, stuffed Peppers, Tacos, Fish, Pasta, Chicken and even shrimp rice, sauté and cocktails. But, for this upcoming season, Clamato is the star ingredient on cocktails and beverages.

That means, you should place Clamato next to the alcohol section, specially next to beer, so they can use them for Micheladas. In that order, Tajín should be near too, since is the perfect Mexican product to cover up the border of the glass with.

If you don’t know what Tajín is, click here to read our dedicated blog post.

Clamato: The cocktail Mixer your clients will love - Place your first order of Mexican products.

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